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Journey to Innovation “The SmartyDesk Story”

Revolutionizing Productivity: SmartyDesk - Your Unified Workspace

In a world dominated by productivity software, one fearless team is challenging the status quo. We’ve tirelessly ventured through various industries, observing the inefficiencies of traditional productivity methods. Fueled by an unwavering passion for innovation, we’ve envisioned a better way to work, free from the clutter of disparate tools and disjointed ecosystems.

Meet the visionaries behind SmartyDesk, a revolutionary concept that was initially conceived as an internal tool. Today, it has evolved into a grand vision aimed at making the world more productive. SmartyDesk aspires to redefine productivity paradigms.

Unlike conventional productivity tools, SmartyDesk is a unified ecosystem meticulously designed to harmonize workflows seamlessly. Gone are the days when teams were lost in a sea of disconnected applications. Instead, they revel in the synergy of a singular platform, simplifying their journey towards efficiency and success.

SmartyDesk embodies a transformative shift towards an all-encompassing solution. Through the strength of collaboration and collective action, our team envisions a world where productivity knows no bounds.


Our Vision: Empowering Through Collaboration and Innovation

At SmartyDesk, our vision is to provide opportunities through collaboration, creating online services that enhance the way communities work, all while reducing our carbon footprint.

  • Be Global: We strive to create an enhanced, multinational platform stage.
  • Be Connected: Our aim is to interface the world through spaces that foster collaboration and connections.
  • Be Innovative: We power changes through online spaces, building cooperation, and driving productivity.


Mission Statement: Empowering Success Through Innovation

SmartyDesk SaaS is on a mission to empower every individual and organization to achieve success through innovation. Our goal is to help clients improve CRM adoption rates, increase sales volume and frequency, gain customer loyalty, and reduce customer service and sales costs. We achieve this by providing a user-friendly, innovative, and powerful CRM system that makes sense.

Core Purpose: Efficiency and Value

SmartyDesk CRM’s core purpose is to provide greater efficiency and value in the relationships of individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, including large corporations, so they can achieve their goals.

Core Values: People, Passion, Place, and Freedom

Our values are rooted in providing opportunities through collaboration and creating online services that enhance the spaces in which communities work while reducing our carbon footprint.

  • People: We deeply care about people, our planet, our partners, customers, and the communities we belong to.
  • Passion: We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and contribute to creating a better place for future generations. We strive for a paperless environment.
  • Place: Our focus is on innovation, powering changes through online spaces, fostering cooperation, and enhancing productivity.
  • Freedom: We support the freedom to pursue opportunities through collaborative communities based on individual expression and collective exploration.

Our Milestones: Building the Future

Our journey so far:

  • 2020: The inception of Jandesk (later SmartyDesk) as a SaaS startup. We were honored with the Self-Employment Assistance Program award by the Australian Federal Government and The Department of Employment and Workplace Relations.
  • 2021: We opened a full-time office in the CBD of Sydney, Australia. The beta release, testing phase, and the transition out of beta were significant milestones, leading to the launch of Version 1.0.
  • 2022: We expanded our horizons by launching CRM SaaS, Project Management Teams, Business ERP (Projects, Accounts, HRM), and SaaS Staff Scheduling solutions, further enhancing our platform’s capabilities.
  • 2023: A year of transformation as we rebranded to SmartyDesk, registered our brand, and implemented Open AI’s ChatGPT to elevate our AI capabilities.
  • 2023-2024: The future beckons as we embark on a fundraising journey to propel our vision forward, including a complete redesign and rewriting of SmartyDesk for Version 2.0.
Join us in shaping the future of productivity with SmartyDesk. Together, we'll create a world where productivity knows no bounds.