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SmartyDesk & House of Representatives Select Committee

Yesterday, SmartyDesk Australia had the privilege of participating in the proceedings of the House of Representatives Select Committee on Workforce Australia Employment Services. Chaired by Mr. Julian Hill MP, the committee also included Mr. Russel Broadbent MP as Deputy Chair, Mr. Aaron Violi MP as a Committee member, and Dr. Joel Bateman as the Secretary, alongside other esteemed dignitaries and guests.

The Event

During this event, esteemed members of the committee and dedicated Secretariat staff engaged with various representatives from SmartyDesk, including CEO Rodger Graham (SmartyDesk), as well as frontline personnel from MTC and participants from Workforce Australia. The attendees also included representatives from Skills for Education and Employment (SEE), Self-Employment Assistance, and Employability Skills Training (EST). The primary focus of the discussions centered around highlighting the significance of SmartyDesk’s SaaS (Software as a Service) software.

Valuable opportunity

This provided a valuable opportunity to present the distinct advantages and provide an overview of the SmartyDesk SaaS software application. The discourse delved into the myriad benefits offered by our services, underscoring how SmartyDesk’s pioneering vision is making noteworthy contributions to both businesses and individuals.


The insights shared and information exchanged during this event will be carefully reviewed by the Committee. Their findings will subsequently be presented to the Parliament later this year. This review process underscores the Committee’s commitment to thoroughly assess the implications and potential impacts of initiatives such as SmartyDesk’s SaaS software on the broader employment landscape..